Kiss Hawke and Destroy the Chantry


Male!Adaar& Dorian. Anders in booty shorts and cat tights. Anders/ Howe. Aveline holding Carver back.

I love these requests.

Imma upload these in colour at some point!! I don’t have my scanner because I’m moving outta my apartment these weekend, and I’ve been frantically working on my Anders and hawke cosplays for SacAnime!! Gimme some time and I’ll have the other requests done too— Cadash/Josephine, Beanka/Leiliana, carver/Fenris, and carver/anders are all being drawn/inked as we speak. >:33 keep the requests coming! (Hell, te anders/ carver thing became a mini comic so WHO KNOWS WHAT YOU MAY INSPIRE.)

<sub> <sub>Gimme some ships? Any Het or queer ship requests would be awesome being that I’m in the mood to draw people bein’ in love. Or fighting. Hella bloody fighting.

FUCK I POSTED TO the wrong blog whatever here are pictures send me more requests turdburglers

Soy Sauce - Anders Lute Love song 7
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A second of your time, sirrah,

 Let me please tell you a story.

A trifle little thing, my life-

Not a glimmer of your glory.

I was fourteen when a barn burned down,

A little action sealed my fate.

It all seems very distant now,

Not like my life of late.

I used to be a happy man,

Not a worry blessed my mind,

But I met misfortune in the past,

I’ve grown so old in such short time.

I’m sure you’d like to know my name,

But I think I’ve lost it too.

I’ve never been a better “Anders” though,

Then when I’ve been with you.

I imagine that if Anders and Hawke ever got caught while on the run, there would be a lot of fucked up torture and sadness shared between them. Mostly I just like drawing guys beat up and crying tho.

Shhhh it’s a secret tell no one

One of my favorite dragon age ships is Aveline/Carver. They’re just so beautifully sensitive and awkward that I want them to kiss and be happy forever.

Help! I want to draw Dragon Age things but I don’t know what to do. Anyone have DA ship requests for me?

bonus points for anything involving Carver or Anders. Or Dorian. Or Aveline. Or Merrill. Or… Fuck it I just really wanna draw dragon age stuff.

Gay mages, being gay.

Update on ~trans~ progress. Pictures up top are before I was on T. It’s been about nine months on T in the most recent pictures? I started on T about the 17th or so of December. So far, my voice (singing voice) has sing at least four fuckin’ octives (not an exaggeration). Still no facial hair, but I have a mustache that is struggle bussing it’s way to life. Though the hair on my face hasn’t really grown any, I swear i have the happy trail of a god, and my body is just generally becoming more beef-tastic and hairy. It’s fuckin wonderful. (Also my friend is in that first picture and I am laugh.)

Queer trans headcanons give me so much hope. It’s really, really fuckin nice to see trans characters for sure, and there’s an added layer of warmth that flows through my heart when I see that the character is also pansexual or gender-non-comfomring. I feel as though society as a whole tolerates the idea of transgendered people as long as they adhere to the general guidelines of, “WELL THAT SOCIETY HAS TO ACCEPT YOU AS A MAN YOU MUST ONLY LIKE GIRLS AND NEVER DO ANYTHING FEMININE AGAIN EVER OTHERWISE WHATS THE POINT OF BEING TRANS, STOP SINGING LET IT GO AND FIGHT A BEAR,” and. It just hurts my soul. So, soooo much. With queer trans headcanons, I’m just like. yes. There is someone in the world that acknowledges people like me exist and are making gay art things about them.

Mass Age and Dragon Effect.

I drew all my chapters from my favorite bioware games as their respective whatevers from the games. From left to right, there is my gray warden Lilithien (spirit warrior/sentinel), my Sheaprd Fræ (Mage/adept), my Hawke Garrett (Mage/sentinel), and my soon-to-be elf inquisitor Chalis (Mage/adept).

I see a theme here but I can’t quiet place it.

((Headcanon that elves are Quarians in Mass Effect, should that be a thing.))

I don’t know. A mix of old and new doodles of Fenris and Sebastian (and hawke but I don’t care about that picture of him at all). Very whatever. Have art! (I doodle in red and don’t ink it on if I don’t care about it, hence the red doodles. Bluh)