Kiss Hawke and Destroy the Chantry
Sebastian’s hips. As requested by the gods.

Sebastian’s hips. As requested by the gods.

My family.

My family makes me feel like the most worthless peice of shit on the planet. No matter how nice I’m being, how honest and open and ernest I am, how empathetic I am, my family always has a way of making me feel like I totally don’t belong. I’m too loud, I talk to much, I play too much, I’m wierd, I have bad music, I have bad tastes, everything I do is negated because no one else in the family can appreciate the things I enjoy and/ or find really important. They wonder why I completely shut down on them, when it’s really the only thing I feel like I can do when I trapped around them for more than a few hours. Other than fight and scream and have them hate me for being outspoken/ mean/ bitchy/ sensitive/ touchy, they can just hate me because I am quietly angry. THEY get angry with me for shutting off all emotions completely. When I feel like I can’t say a goddamn word and have it get through to any one of you, no fucking wonder I don’t try and talk.

When I do speak, I’m being pretentious, I “have no right to talk about emotion because I’m too abrasive,” I’m just being over sensitive, I’m being disruptive, I’m telling the family that I’m not okay with something they’re doing and god knows that if I don’t just sit down and take their micro aggressions I’m the one being a fucking asshole. So I shut down, and instead of them yelling at me for telling them the truth about how unfair they are, how angry and hurt and alone I feel when they’re all together, happy and ignorant, how frustrated I am at being constantly overlooked and ignored and picked on and yelled at, they can just be mad at me for ignoring them. Fuck you, family. Fuck you and your ability to turn a fun vacation into a nightmare. I’m so sick of feeling like I don’t belong.

Here is Fenris, Anders, and Sebastian all sleeping with cats.

I continue on my journey to draw Dragon Age fan art until Inquisition comes out and I can pour my devotion into something else.

I’m not sure why Fenris is in underwear outside of his house but maybe it’s an elf thing, idk.

Art agenda:

-Anders, Fenris, Sebastian sleeping with cats. (2/3rds of the way done)

-Anders in a sweater.
-Fenris prancing.
-Sebastian’s hips.
-Merril and Isabella “blazing it.”
-Fenris and Sebastian out in the rain.
-Fenris and Aveline out on a date.
-Anders and Sebastian in a bittersweet embrace.
-Carver and Varric do chemistry experiments.
-Isabella and Aveline sit by the fireplace & drink hot cocoa.
-Merril, Hawke, and Fenris doing aerial gymnastics.
-Anders, Aveline, and Fenrish fall into another dimension
-Isabella and Merril’s awkward first kiss.

-Carver, Merril, Anders, and Isabella fight Aveline, Hawke, Sebastian, and Fenris for Varric, who is suspended in a cage above the battle.
-Sebastian dressed like Elsa
-Anders, Hawke, and Fenris and Bioshock spilcers.
-Hawke is selling girl scout cookies to Carver
-Isabella is dressed as a soldier pointing a gun at a baby version of Varric who is holding a banana like a gun (and pointing it back at Isabella)
-Anders, Aveline, Carver, and Varric drive off a cliff
-Isabella, Aveline, and Sebastian are the real teenage mutant ninja turtles
-Aveline and Sebastian have a sword fight with baguettes

This is gunna be fucking fun.

I’d say this is getting ridiculous but I’m pretty sure that drawing a sea of cats and everyone from DA2 drowning in them was the natural progression of my art and I’m pleased that this is the way my life is going.

So shall it be.

I’m gunna do it. I have already begun. Cats are hard as shit to draw.


I appreciate the suggestions because now I finally have something to put work into instead of just fucking around drawing pictures of Hawke and Anders like I have been for the past week. Literally every picture I’ve drawn.

Cats ahoy! There will be meows.

(Other suggestions always appreciated. I need to to-do list of art to doodle this weekend. Lay it on me.)


I am going to draw all of these, oh my god. You have just given me a few hours of inspiration and for that I love you.

(I’m still up for DA art suggestions, though! I really want to start practicing more dynamic poses, so keep suggestions coming)?

Help!! I need to draw dragon age stuff but I don’t know what. Suggestions??

I’m so sorry for anyone who is following me who thinks I still draw or upload homestuck. I know that’s sort of what I was all about for a while, I’m still into the fandom, but like….

Mages. My life has been taken over my mages.

I’m sorry.

Real talk for a second

It really bothers me that in every fanfiction ever Anders is a super skinny waif. I can definitely appreciate where people might see that; like, he’s so hell bent on ensuring that he takes care of the people in his Clinic and what not that he forgets to eat. That’s cool, I can dig it. I just think that there are other ways to portray him.

For instance, what if he continues to eat like all the other wardens (which is to say, a fuck ton of food)? The only food he gets on a regular basis is what the people from his clinic can spare to give him, and he just sort of indiscriminately takes what he can and devours it. He doesn’t have time to really devote to personal care anymore, so when he’s not out with Hawke on some grand adventure, he’s most likely not getting a whole lot of exercise. Take into consideration that he also probably doesn’t sleep very well, and boom! Assuming he’s not just genetically predisposed to being a waif, chances are he’s a lightly-muscled, potentially flabby sorta dudeseph. He’d probably be the first person out of breath on a mission (even though he’d never admit it), most likely the first one to leave the group after the task at hand is taken care of, and I imagine that, in the morning, he’s achy and in pain and grouchy. I don’t especially think he’d be that much bigger than everone else in Hawke’s party, but if he leads a sort of sedentary life style where he eats a lot of random, probably unhealthy stuff, gets no sleep, and hasn’t got the time or money to really keep up with himself, I just don’t think he’d be all the attractive skinny that’s always being written; even if he was skinny, it would be the doughy, loose-skin sort of skinny and not the taught-skin-over-muscle-and-bone skinny. My ideas may not be the more conventionally “attractive” version of him, but I think perhaps it’s more realistic, and it’s that realism which is— to me!— a more attractive quality in a scary terrorist mage from a video game. I have a lot of love for a chubbier Anders, who— on good days, when he remembers himself a little more— occasionally thinks about how he’s let himself go and idly day dreams about when he used to be a youthful scamp with a body sculpted from countless exploits out of the Cricle towers, then, getting self-conscious, buries himself in his work and lets Justice tell him that “looks aren’t that goddamn important when you’re saving lives, and that sort of shallowness is a waste of time,” which puts Anders at ease as he slowly makes his way back to Hawke’s house, confidant in all his crotchety, flabby, whiney old-man glory.