Kiss Hawke and Destroy the Chantry

Am I the only one who thinks that maybe Sera isn’t as cute and cool as everyone else does? Just like… Wow, a sassy elf who lives on the fringes of society. I dunno. I’m going to guess she’s a scrappy, tough as nails rogue who learns the meaning of friendship and unity— I’ll also venture to guess that she’s either the gay or bisexual love interest? I don’t know. So far. It seems like her (seeming!) irrelevance to the story makes her sort of an outlier, which inevitably means she’s one of the semi-castoff characters that gets thrown to the queers as a “sorry, here’s a cute elf girl with no plot relevance, the straight characters are gunna go off and do some real stuff while Sassy-pants over here is sassy.”

I could totally, absolutely be wrong. I’m just basing this off what I’ve read and how she looks, so for all I actually know, she could be the biggest goddamn deal of the story. I just have a feeling that maybe she’s not the coolest cat, and I’m getting tired to people over-inflating her? I’m… Not really gunna get my hopes up for any of three characters yet. Hmmm.

If I’m wrong about her, though, and I’m just jumping to conclusions, I formally state my apology to both the Sera and whoever else will inevitably find this post and yell at me.


Dirk Loses Gay Chicken
Dirk- harrowingwhisperer
Cronus- kitsuneheart

I got nervous! (I’m the dirk. So very, very dirk.)

Cronus: heres wonderwall
if you guys are in here let me know ill tag you

side note: meenah i never notice your photobomb until i uploaded this i died laughing


Cronus: heres wonderwall

if you guys are in here let me know ill tag you

side note: meenah i never notice your photobomb until i uploaded this i died laughing



Top 50 Vine Scare Cam

I fucking lost it when that girl gets smacked in the face with a baking tray ahahahah

Soy Sauce - Anders Lute Love song 7
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A second of your time, sirrah,

 Let me please tell you a story.

A trifle little thing, my life-

Not a glimmer of your glory.

I was fourteen when a barn burned down,

A little action sealed my fate.

It all seems very distant now,

Not like my life of late.

I used to be a happy man,

Not a worry blessed my mind,

But I met misfortune in the past,

I’ve grown so old in such short time.

I’m sure you’d like to know my name,

But I think I’ve lost it too.

I’ve never been a better “Anders” though,

Then when I’ve been with you.

Sometimes you gotta just destress and draw some gay mages.

Sometimes you gotta just destress and draw some gay mages.

Way more recent sketches of Anders and Hawke.

I’m not fucking with you when I say that I have at least fifteen more of these dumb doodles in my sketchbook. AT LEAST. Like, some pictures are just hands touching, or like, silly faces and dialogue. Just… Dragon Age has saturated my life once more. It’s beautiful.

Also, ignore the fact that the first picture has a lot of words. Those are notes, supposedly. No one has ever deciphered what they truly mean. It is a mystery.

My life is gay mages.

Let’s talk about gay mages going on an adventure.
Let’s talk about an older, blond mage getting aggrivated, tired, and covered in dirt while running around the wounded coast, eventually having to drag his younger, altruistic, co-dependant Champion boyfriend back home so he can get some goddamn sleep.

I thought your anders AI comic was really cool but he kept saying "human" and "humanity" even though the asari isn't human at all. do you think in the future people would still refer to being a living, feeling person as being human when many sentient types of life have been acknowledged? or is it because a.n.d.e.r.s. has a human-shaped form? just curious

Oh my god, I totally forgot to mention this in the little detail thing about the comic. I didn’t even catch that until my friend pointed it out to me and I felt like SUCH an idiot; while I totally admit that I didn’t catch the mistake I had made at first, I think there’s something to be said about the idea that humans would still be so egotistical and human-centric that pretty much anything with a human form (namely asari) would be “human,” and could still thereby have “humanity.” I think that Anders would be pretty human centric, and being built by Cerberus, he is probably being casually xenophobic thanks to their propaganda in his brain. He would still use some pretty human-centric words, I think; “human beings,” “humanity,” “person,” that sort of thing.

Does that make sense? Erm. While in the long run it’s totally just me fucking up big time in a comic I should’ve probably proofread before lazily inking the in words, I think my own brain proves a pretty interesting template for Anders— a mind that’s totally absorbed in being “HUMAN,” and thereby asserting the HUMAN is the highest compliment/best existence to strive for. (I’m not saying that’s a correct way of thinking, of course. There may be aliens out there who are way better than us and I’ll remend my thinking at that time, pft.)